One Size Fits All is a one-night exhibition that features works by contemporary artists whose work in some manner embodies the attitude and character of the music of Frank Zappa. The impetus for arranging this exhibition was taken from Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention’s 1975 album by the same name. The album One Size Fits All played a critical role in conceiving this exhibition, serving as a model by which to select work that incorporates a similar aesthetic audacity, humorous surprise, technical virtuosity, and confrontational character as the music. Although the term One Size Fits All may suggest notions of universality, it may also recall the marketing of elastic underwear and other such meanings that are welcome in the context of this exhibition.

Bhakti Baxter | curator

Featuring artists: Kevin Arrow, Jenna Balfe, Bhakti Baxter, Autumn Casey, Clint Casey, Dino Felipe, Kool Large, Gean Moreno, Upahar David Neiburger, Daniel Newman, and DJ Le Spam.

Each exhibition will include a student art portfolio preparation with the artists.

The Nightclub is a special event of 801 Projects, collaborative art endeavor that initiates and supports critical exchange of ideas in art and cultural practice and the active development of artists, in-situ exhibitions and talks.