The very human need to be a part of society and the simultaneous state of being trapped in its web is intriguing. I make things that are small narratives of that everyday experience. By using uncommon materials and focusing on process I attempt to discover and express the essence of a moment.

I am interested in existence, from the profound in our relation to the universe, down to the minutia of my personal reality. I see these relationships as always in opposition, agreeing and fighting at the same time, reflecting the dualities in life: a cage and a nest, a home and a prison, love and hate, believing and not believing.

I have a collection of things, ethereal and concrete, that I refer to: space, light, wind, shells, rocks, bird’s nests, flowers and leaves, and more, picked up along my way. I look to these shapes, lines, and curves, to develop ideas, forms, and structures. These become small handmade things, or larger installations requiring participation, or moving imagery and sound. They develop into metaphors for the media of our world – planets and galaxies, cities and homes, traffic, power lines, bombs, swimming pools, and toilet bowls, and everything that’s kind of spinning around with us.