The Nightclub is presents Acoustical Transpositions in a Single Architectural Space.

Works* by Listening Gallery** sound artists Rene Barge, David Dunn, Russell Frehling.

When we experience recorded sound we hear in it acoustical features of the space in which that sound was recorded. Among them we hear things like resonance—the tendency of architecture to amplify certain frequencies over others. This means that the articulation of sound excites and makes audible aspects of architecture not perceivable otherwise. The term acoustical transposition refers here to the retuning of sound recorded in one space, adjusted to articulate acoustical features belonging to a different space.

The sound installations featured in Acoustical Transpositions in a Single Architectural Space were selected for their contrasting content and will represent site-specific adaptations of the originals, adaptations that will work as sonic stimuli to produce different articulations of the given exhibition space. Each installation will play one at a time in sequence through the evening.

Audiences will be able to listen to each acoustical articulation separately and experience subtle differences in the relationship between the sounds and their new habitat by physically walking across the room … listening … stopping … seating or laying on the floor … turning to one side … listening some more … standing back up … traveling to another location … listening again … turning again … moving again …