The Nightclub invites you to On and Off the Stage, the eight of twelve events involving a network of artists, producers, and art students. Its aim is to create dialogue within a diversity of art practice through curated exhibitions showcased in a one—night venue.

Cristy Almaida and Angela Valella | artists

On and Off the Stage presents works that from various perspectives addresses the notion of process and final product as well as their aporias, in which the question of art production is itself reflected. With subtle interventions, site specific installations and videos,the artists Almaida and Valella turn their attention to the exhibition space to perform routines that question time and repetition. In a degree of uncertainty and incomplete determination, perception carefully recombines into a loop with no heading questioning or direction.

The project reflects the relationship between the space and the process in which it is made, during four hours, forming a grid of connections and patterns. Akrasia, the condition in which while knowing what it would be best to do, one does something else serves as a conceptual starting point. Passive observers fiddle with the notion of timeliness activating the space.