Saturday, November 30, 2013
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Cristine Brache, I know the master wasted object

Guccivuitton is pleased to present I know the master wasted object. A solo exhibition of new works by artist Cristine Brache.

▌▌$80 ▄❤▄ т♡ρ ♡ƒ тhє ℓιηє ✿▌▌▌▌▌✿ iNtR0DuCTiON ✿ $80 ▌▌▌ – 26

my name is Sofia ,black eyes, with a tight and petite body, I am 168cm,49kg , 35c-24-34. a cute and sexy girl. I work in a cloth shop in daytime, but in nighttime I am also a bargirl. If you like, I can be your Girlfriend for a night. I can be anything you like. I am a shy girl, but if we are alone and you make me feel relaxed, I can also be a tiger. I like to seduce a man, I like the feeling. Sounds nice to you? Than why not arrange a date with me now? My english is not so good, but if you will look in my eyes, you will understand everything.

♥º(¯`’•.¸ ☆ ¸.•’´¯) the transfer ♥ oF oNe’S oWn De$iRe To aNoTheR Per$oN (( 5 ☆oR THiNG! ) – 18

A plastic bag is a container of flexible material with an opening at the top. It is used to temporarily hold or transport something, especially something of more value.

♥✔✔✔✔✔♥ tHe iNViSiBiLiTY oF TRaFFiCKeD ViCTiMs★ oVeRwHeLmEd & iMmoBiLiZeD ★★★★★ – 25

Relative to the expanse of the North Pacific Ocean, sightings of large concentrations of debris, especially of large debris items are not very common. A majority of the debris observed in the “garbage patch” is small plastic pieces. Small debris pieces are difficult to see due to their size, and many of these pieces may be suspended below the surface of the water, which would make them even harder to see, even with the human eye. For these reasons, the debris, or “patch” of debris is not visible with existing satellite technology.

– NOAA Marine Debris Program

♡◇°MaKiNG uSe oF A SiTuATiOn◇°♡°◇ tO GaiN UNFaiR aDVaNTaGe FoR ONeSeLF!!!♥♡♥ – 21

“A little about me, My first mongering trip was with a bunch of friends to Amsterdam in 1985. This was the first time I went with a prostitute and paid for sex, Taboo!

I then mongered at home, visiting prostitutes quite frequently in cities like London and Brighton. As a tourist around the Mediterranean, I really began to get a taste for it and had some good nights in places like Benidorm. It really took off when I first began to visit the third world. This is when a vacation really turned into mongering or tourism with whores.”

– SirMarjAlot

:•:*¨¨*:• ♥OcCuRRiNG OR eXiStiNG ~•♥ • -:¦:- •♥•DuRiNG oR AfTeR tHe eNd oF ~•♥ • -:¦:- •♥•CoLoNiAL RuLe – 24

“The attitude of the Filipina is really incredible! They truly love to serve you and please you. Everything from taking your shoes off for you, back rubs until you fall as sleep, to feeding you like you are Julius Caesar, they really think of you first. What American whore will do any of that for you? With all of these details it’s simple to see why the Philippines is the #1 ranked country for international marriages! In America taking a women out on date typically results in her ordering the most expensive food and drinks on the menu, and at the end of the night she’ll still be ungrateful. The chance of you getting a return on your investment is slim to none. Some of those piles of shit go on dates just to eat the best food and drinks they can on your dime, having zero interest in you and focusing solely on the contents of your wallet. The Filipina is much more simple, where a gourmet meal consists of rice, chicken, and vegetables! The sense of humor the girls have here is so much different than American women as well. They are always smiling and laughing, which is refreshing. All of this made me realize that money and things don’t make you happy, only life experiences do. Look around you in any American city, in any social situation are people smiling? Very rarely. You will never have this much human contact with such beautiful girls in your life. GUARANTEED!

There are a lot of massive life changes that you will experience after you first visit to the Philippines. First off, you will cry your fucking eyes out at the airport when you are waiting to go back to hell (America). I have never seen more grown men crying at the airport than in the Philippines. Secondly, all of the ways in which you think will change. Your ability to have fun in America will be gone, even if you were having fun there before the trip. Once you have climbed the highest mountain of fun (Philippines), everything else just seems boring. You will completely give up on materialism because you will see how it doesn’t bring happiness. Why buy something to impress those piles of shit (American girls) when you can live the dream here? Driving fancy cars will do nothing for you. If you have a big impressive house you will lose interest and feel so alone in it, wishing you could trade it for a room at the Playboy Mansion. You are going to save every penny you can and cut back on all expenses just so you can get back to the Philippines. You will laugh at all the fat slob pigs (American women) because you just had hot 90 lb models chasing you for a week.

Let’s just say that there is a fun scale and in America it goes to 10. Maybe that for you that means going to Las Vegas and staying in a luxury hotel, fine dining, gambling, and getting a few girls. That’s a 10! If that’s the case, the Philippines fun scale is based on a scale to 20. Even if your trip is just “good,” you’re still upwards of 15 on the scale which you can’t get in America no matter what you do, or how much money you have, because the experiences in America are just a facade. American girls don’t want you or need you for that matter, they just want your money! The last thing you’ll do after you leave is examine all of your options and figure out how you can get back to the Philippines. or even more drastic, move to the Philippines! I shit you not, at least 10 of the 100 or so clients we have had have moved here! Several clients went on to get married and the return to the Philippines is over 99%.

How do I know this is going to happen? It happened to me!”

– Buck Wild

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Cristine Brache is an artist and poet. Her videos have recently been screened at The Phillips Collection, the Museum of the Moving Image, and the Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris. She lives and works in Guangzhou, China.