Guccivuitton is pleased to announce A Durable Scale of Values, a solo exhibition of paintings by the cuban-american artist, Joseriberto Perez.

With a nod to the anthropological non-linear approach of Paul Klee, Ellsworth Kelly’s “Line Form Color” and an exuberant studio practice, Joseriberto Perez seeks to mine the reductive aesthetic signifiers of 20th Century Modern Art. Perez paintings have a playful lyrical quality that comes from a seeker’s approach to arriving at an image, pulling it out of the austerity necessitated by the blank canvas with a dynamic arsenal of painting vocabulary and a willful fidelity to color theory. Notions of flora, fauna and architectural motifs are all open and welcome to inform the flux, presenting an opportunity for a rift to occur between micro and macro, familiarity and alien.

Scale, proportion, touch and materiality all play consequential roles in what Perez’s paintings aspire to offer. Some require an intimate experience with the viewer, similar to that of handheld bedroom art objects, enhancing or forcing an awareness to the sensitivity of hand.

In larger paintings these attributes convalesce and flirt with the uncanny power of the image to offset the human body in scope and mass, reflexively reinforcing the expectations born from American monumentalism.

Each painting has mindful parameters of proportion, which, though limited to the barriers of the picture’s plane, carefully activate the potentiality for tension and provide the viewer with just enough information to pull out an emotive reaction while subverting any narrative.

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Miami FL 33138

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