Presented in partnership with O, Miami Poetry Festival, Unnoted Notes is a choreopoem about the unspoken by Stockholm-based artist Paula Urbano. The monotone inflection utilizes the choreopoetry in an attempt to engage the audience and performer(s) that seem not to be listening–or perhaps internalizing the voice as much as she is. The text is set to an ambient soundscape by collaborator, Thomas Watkiss who wrote a special piece for this performance to build emotional timbre of the inner voice speaking aloud.

Performers: Thomas Watkiss, Liz Ferrer and Paula Urbano.

Paul Urbano | Stockholm, 1980 | Lives and works in Stockholm
Paula Urbano observes with an intersubjective perspective in her investigative narrative work about contemporary or fictive persons or places. With an interest in postcolonial theory and philosophy, her art concerns themes of identity in relation to migration and location. Starting from a subjective perspective, Urbano uses photography, video and installation to delineate a state of mind in times when the sole existence has become political.

Urbano places her interrogations in the piece for the world to ponder over the eventual discrepancy between perception and representation for the individual, not only in relation to the collective, but also to a memory, to a location or to “the other.”

Urbano has exhibited her work in Buenos Aires, Miami, Stockholm and Santiago de Chile. Her films have been screened at both film festivals as Oberhausen Shortfilmfestival and Göteborgs International Filmfestival as well as museums and galleries. Urbano holds an MFA in Fine Arts from Konstfack, the University of Arts, Crafts & Design.

Thomas Watkiss | Jeanette, Pennsylvania, 1979 | Lives and works in New York City
Watkiss is a visual artist and experimental musician who constructs sound works from a careful mix of guitars, six string bass and organic field recordings to create dense ambient atmospheres shadowed with heavy metal distortion. He publishes limited edition records and has performed across the United States, Scandinavia, Continental Europe and completed residencies in Bergen, Norway and Gothenburg Sweden. He earned an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies at Konstfack in Stockholm as well as a dual BA in Art and Art History from the University of Pittsburgh. He is also an active member of ASCAP.