by Jorge Chirinos Sanchez

Can you describe in detail what does a day in the life of the TM Sister’s looks like?

Tasha: Get up, make a juice or green smoothie from Farm Fresh Miami produce. Walk or bike to the beach and if there are waves, surf. If the weather is bad, then write. Drive down to the Downtown Art House where we have our studio.

Monica: Get up, make a green smoothie from local organic produce. Prepare raw vegan dish elements for later in the day. Then comes watering the plants/garden, taking care of the animals, and cleaning anything needed. Go a short distance to the studio in downtown.

Both at the studio: The first few hours are catching up on emails. Interns come in a few hours after we are working in the studio. We all research, prep materials, make things, experiment, and plan out projects. In the evening we teach video and animation at New World School of the Arts College. In the evening we part ways and each make organic/ raw vegan dinners at home.

Monica: Teach art at the girl’s juvenile detention center in the evening. Swing by a good nightlife spot if a friend is performing or DJing. Do exercises and squats. Internet surf or catch up with emails for other gig jobs.

Tasha: At night, either jam with friends or go see a show or band at Gramps or Churchills on the way home. If it’s Monday… skate at Superwheels in Kendall.


How did your interests in art begin?

Art experiments began with the fun projects that our mom came up with to have our home school lesson stick to us better than just classroom blackboards. She had us gather and make every lesson into a sculpture or a hand made costumed performance with shells and found objects. We bought our clothes at thrift stores or bought fabric and slick paints to make and alter a big amount of our clothes since being little ’til now. We even baked foods that were in exciting shapes like dolphins, skeleton heads, castles, and roller skates. Creativity/art was a part of our everyday!

What does your “Before I Die” check list have in it?

Tasha: fly, band, island life, own fashion line, tour VJIng, Create & own full spectrum color makeup line (lipstick), telepathy mastery, stunt woman, essence book, house boat (research vessel), pet manatee, year-round Miami flea market, creative rehab residency sanctuary, sing, actor, unofficial university, barter for everything, be a collector, feature-length film.

Monica: live on the water, learn how to play drums, have a jewelry line, tour with performance or VJing, have a clothing line, help younger creative females be their potential max, own properties, live off of land gardening, write a book or two, tour with lectures/discussions, collect art, make a short or feature film, do residencies in many countries, have kids, have a tropical makeup line, create a rock opera water show, live in an rv and go across the country for a year, raise wolves.


What are you currently interested in?

ocean creatures, handmade clothes, raw food, how people attract each other, internet only bands, hype, optical illusions, hospitality, hot water, Caribbean crustations, colorfades, light effects on moods, vinyl, garage sale tapes, color play, body healing, audio vibrations, learning new skate/water tricks, water rising, craigslist, sun setting, clothing, prisms, light bending, patterns, geometrics, angles, sunshine, palm trees, human electrical connections, health, mood rings, etc.

In your opinion what role does art and the artist play in contemporary society?

Artists are the antenna of society. Everyone is an artist in some way or another. Everyone can let our selves be in the moment and really listen to see what the outcome is.

What is the most stressful and rewarding part of making your work?

The more stressful time making art work is when there are impossible deadlines or multiple deadlines that are stacked. It gets rough when someone says that they’d like something from you yesterday. Also, in collaborations, creating gets hard when interpersonal issues come up. It is tough when you have to have patience with the co-collaborator instead of doing what each individual would prefer in the moment. We also have to work on our sister issues that come up from spending a whole lifetime knowing the other.
The hard parts of making are small because the rewards are so amazing and positively healthy!! It is exciting to see your ideas and dreams turn into a reality. The personal satisfaction of challenging yourself and completing a vision is an extremely great feeling. There is an excitement of life in having an art career that has new turns and adventures.


Do you have a favorite time a day to work? if so why?

Both of us flip flop with our preferences of when is best to work. Usually Tasha prefers early and Monica prefers late, but we try to then meet in the middle. Lately, late nights work best because our studio building is empty and we can have loud video shoots or audio rehearsals.

What is your outlook on Miami’s growing art scene?

Excited to see the population of committed, professional artists growing & that it is attracting more visitors! When a strong crowd of creatives somehow exist in one tight location, there is power when in accord… We’re proud of our magic, powerful city!