March 31st at 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Locust Projects
3852 N Miami Ave, Miami, Florida 33127

This interdisciplinary conversation hopes to investigate the role and meaning of “everything” in art. Ambitious in scope, but specific in concept, this roundtable will consider ideas of materiality and fullness, from assemblage to aggregate art, from attempts to collect “everything” to the desire to know “everything.” Looking back to historical precursors such as Arman, Douglas Huebler, and Andy Warhol, and forward to artists such as Song Dong, Camille Henrot, and Claire Fontaine, what questions regarding the impulse to hold on to “everything” recur? What roles do ecology, hoarding, theories of plentitude, and ideas of capacity continue to play?

Week 4 of Line Script Diary
Line Script Diary is a new Miami-based quarterly journal of text-based works with contributions from local and international artists and writers. List of contributors to Vol. 1: Alex Bacon, Math Bass, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Cara Benedetto, Domingo Castillo, Catherine Czacki, Daniel Feinberg, Alan Gutierrez, Gordon Hall, Ben Vida

Image: Arman, Le Plein (Full Up), 1960

Medium: Multiple of sardine can filled with trash and exhibition invitation