The work featured in this exhibition brings together a group of artists at varied stages of both life and career. The common threads that tie each of these works together is the unstoppable need to create, the drive to experiment, innovate and continuously make new work that challenge the makers and the concept of “finished” work.

The use of traditional mediums such as charcoal, oil and acrylic are made contemporary as featured artists have plied these mediums into forms that convey their current places of physicality and spirit. The same threads of innovation and currency are seen in non-traditional mediums of discarded aeronautics hardware and laundry detergent bottle that have morphed from their utilitarian purpose into art created with a

distinct aesthetic as unique as their makers.

This exhibition invites viewer to experience each work as a moment in time, a thought, an idea made visible to be observed if only for this moment. And this moment is the only thing we can be sure of.

We are perfect. We are broken.
We are here, in this moment.

Featured Artists
Akete Chevers
Alba Juliao
Alejandro Valencia
Alex Zastera
Amanda Bradley
Andres Martinez
Angelika Rothkegel
Antonio Coro
Aurora Molina
Barbara Bolinni
Carlos Spartacus
Daniel Walker
David Gary Lloyd
Eddie Arroyo
Edison Penadiel
Emlyee B. Tyson
Fabrice Cospolite
Jean Chiang
Marcus Blake
Morel Doucet
Omnia Masoud
Pamela Gonzalez
Patrick de Castro
Sara Kontoff Baker
Sharon Alexander
William Lee

Curated and organized by
Marie Vickles, Curator-in-Residence
Little Haiti Cultural Complex Gallery
Future Roots Collective