Bakehouse Art Complex presents “Unkink”, an FIU collaborative exhibition of 21 MFA Lab students pushed together for a kinetic moment in time. Thrown into a 10-day prep time, the artists and curators were given the opportunity to mesh their chaotic academic worlds together to form one solid creative instant. In this very short window into the lives of each student, static becomes string, breath becomes still, and lines become limitless.

Participants include
Colette Alhabahbeh-Mello
Christopher Rodriguez Barake
Matthew Chernoff
Javi Cuarezma
Danielle Damas
Isis Ellis
Diana Garcia
Hazel Gil
Victor Rafael Golden
Michael Gray
Roma James
Meg Kaplan-Noach
Susan Maas
Daniel Marosi
Liana Martinez
Guido Mena
Samannaz Rohanimanesh
Sterling Rook
Maricel Ruiz
Ana Sanz Saumeth
Angela Yang

561 NW 32nd Street Miami Florida 33127