April 15th at 8 PM
1305 SW 87th Ave.
Miami Fl 33174

At the heart of the exhibition Like it or Not, is Arturo E. Mosquera’s fascination with the city, the local social, the art collection and the cultural scene that he has been surrounded since his early years.

A significant body of work conceived and produced at different intervals of the artist’s life will be on display; while they vary in medium and technique, these pieces share traces of the powerful repertoire with which the artist constructs his system of ideas and images. It reveals an approach to art making which brings together works with somehow different concerns about graffiti and mural painting. There are experiments with spray paint and felt-tip markers making marks that are free form and ethereal. Handwriting, mark making, contour lines and gestural strokes are encountered with no physical resistance registering on a smooth surface across the color field. The artist explores through a variety of subjects and sculptural objects with a multiplicity of solutions while he channels repetition as a system in his practice.

Mosquera incorporates a vast assemblage of imagery derived from the artist’s personal experiences, lending the exhibition a line of autobiographical flavor. The fractured composition appears, as they are representations of a creature captured at different moments. The exhibition culminates in the gallery’s backspace in a retail setting in which a series of objects will be display.

Like it or Not revolves around the motifs of the hand, love and one figure. The physical contact with the immaterial shows images that alter our own relation to reality. Arturo E. Mosquera is a self-taught artist born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1982. He lives and works in Miami, Florida. Mosquera attended Manchester College, Connecticut where he concentrated in printmaking. The artist became interested in graffiti language in his teen years. He has taken private classes and workshops with artists Pedro Vizcaino, Ana Albertina Delgado, and Glexis Novoa and collaborated and documented a performance piece with artist Ramon Williams. Arturo writes and tags garments, furniture, and accessories. He was commissioned to design the Stars Smiles logo which is used for Mosquera Orthodontic’s advertising products. He is a collaborator for the Mosquera Collection founded by his parents Liza and Dr. Arturo F. Mosquera in 1989.