Saturday, February 18 at 7 PM – 11 PM
3940 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127-2918

Inspired by the miracle of love, Swampspace is thrilled to present:

A sweet and salty night of sinuous sentimentality and salacious salivation.

Opening Reception February 18th 7-11pm

Join us for our special fundraiser featuring

ALMA NICK DANCE on the Poles and Lap Chairs.
AUDREY HORNEY with Rick Fantasies.
FRESH ESH with Brett Karner.
Art, Sculpture, New Media and much more.

Redux of the legendary KISSING BOOTHS.

Join us to celebrate the romantic nostalgia of courtship. Kissing Booths were light spirited attractions at carnivals and fairs of days gone by. On the surface these attractions were used to tantalize and loosen our pockets. They are sentimental relics with an enduring practical purpose. Reviving their benevolent tradition, the Kissing Booth fundraiser benefit the students of Design and Architecture Senior High school. But the performances like the “Eternal Kiss” is much much more.

In 1907 sculptor Constantin Brancusi took a chunk of stone and with a few simple cuts, transformed the rock into an iconic sculpture. With the canons of amour that preceded him, Brancusi illustrated the soulful power of this singular carnal contact. His work serves as a constant reminder that there is no substitute for kissing. Chiming in with salacious intent, the affable Hollywood legend Bob Hope once said “People who throw kisses are mighty hopelessly lazy”. At the risk of smothering the flames of the Kiss, the huggable chinese prophet Confucius proclaimed, “Kissing is like drinking sea water. You drink, and your thirst increases”. Today many find themselves at the crossroads of emotions. With salty tears we proceed along the paths of contentedness and despair. The intimacy of a kiss shared by two being in a single space in time is like happiness, it feels best when you give it to someone else.

Special Thanks to:
Miami Design District
PBR Miami