Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Jordana Pomeroy | RCS: Rocking Chair Sessions

Director of the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University, Miami, Dr. Jordana Pomeroy served for more than 15 years at...

Robert Chambers On Art, Ancient Plants, And New Technologies

Miami-based sculptor Robert Chambers lived in Everglades National Park for one month in 2018, as a Fellow in the Artist in Residence in Everglades...

Sounds of Summer in Miami

Some might think that art descends on this city just once a year in December for Art Week. In fact, Miami has a year...







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a conversation with Onajide Shabaka

a conversation with Onajide Shabaka

Onajide Shabaka’s art form is a short journey made by walking in the landscape. The evolution of this may be developed as follows: the...
Locust Projects Common Field Gentrification debrief

Locust Projects Common Field Gentrification debrief

written by Stephen Malagodi In the Allapattah Metrorail elevator going down to the bus stop, an overweight, stubbly Cuban man in one of those "Jesus...

My Rant And Plea

text by Christina Pettersson I. It is time to grow up folks. Flipping out over even a picture of a snake or spider or gator is...

The Problem with Musing on a Museum

text by Babacar Mbow “Musing on a Museum” by Anne Tschida, published in the Biscayne Times’ June edition offers insight as to a state of...
Rosa Naday Garmendia

a conversation with Rosa Naday Garmendia

Eddie Arroyo We should begin with the obvious question, you’re a Cuban American artist addressing an African American concern. Why did you decide to begin...
Leo Castaneda

Virtual Constructions

written by David Rohn In case you missed Leo Castaneda’s "Varied Renders" exhibition of paintings and virtual reality constructions at IRL Institute, the...