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Monday, March 19, 2018


Lissette Schaeffler | Rocking Chair Sessions

Lissette Schaeffler is a Cuban born photographer whose work deals with the exploration of identity. Whether documenting or digitally manipulating photographs of family, friends,...

Where All Are Welcome: Cultural Complexity in Little Haiti

Who is welcome in Little Haiti? All the world, it would seem. In this conversation, we talk about how the island country of Haiti...

“Paint the Revolution” and Andrea Chung

Episode No. 296 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curator Matthew Affron and artist Andrea Chung. Matthew Affron, a curator at the Philadelphia Museum...







Rosa Naday Garmendia

a conversation with Rosa Naday Garmendia

Eddie Arroyo We should begin with the obvious question, you’re a Cuban American artist addressing an African American concern. Why did you decide to begin...
Viktor El-saieh

a conversation with Viktor El-saieh

Eddie Arroyo I thought it would be good to begin with the performance at your opening, "Cat’s Head". Having arrived late, I totally missed out...

The Problem with Musing on a Museum

text by Babacar Mbow “Musing on a Museum” by Anne Tschida, published in the Biscayne Times’ June edition offers insight as to a state of...
Locust Projects Common Field Gentrification debrief

Locust Projects Common Field Gentrification debrief

written by Stephen Malagodi In the Allapattah Metrorail elevator going down to the bus stop, an overweight, stubbly Cuban man in one of those "Jesus...
Judy Cotton at IRL

Natural Curiosity: An Intimate History

written by David Rohn Check out these scull pantings by Judy Cotton at I R L Institute in Little River. Really straightforward and...

a social construct

written by David Rohn Saw the movie MOONLIGHT last night, an unforgettable Miami based story of a very sensitive (Gay) Black kid growing...