Friday, May 25, 2018


Anja Marais | Rocking Chair Sessions

"Here is my confession: I am less interested in the theoretical and institutionalized questions of the contemporary art world than I am in interpreting...

Modern Portrait of Black Florida

In her portrait of Black Florida, Trinidad-born photographer Johanne Rahaman shares hope for a better world. Her modern archive tells the story of Blackness...

Jenny Larsson | Rocking Chair Sessions

Jenny Larsson was born on the slopes of a small mountain village in northern Sweden and spent her youth enjoying outdoor activities such as...






a conversation with Onajide Shabaka

a conversation with Onajide Shabaka

Onajide Shabaka’s art form is a short journey made by walking in the landscape. The evolution of this may be developed as follows: the...
Judy Cotton at IRL

Natural Curiosity: An Intimate History

written by David Rohn Check out these scull pantings by Judy Cotton at I R L Institute in Little River. Really straightforward and...

a social construct

written by David Rohn Saw the movie MOONLIGHT last night, an unforgettable Miami based story of a very sensitive (Gay) Black kid growing...
Amy Scaife's protest performance Human Cost at the Tate Britain's Duveen gallery

Reset | The Artful Re-Turn To Affective Activism

Text by Richard Haden At dawn, on November 9th 2016, the majority of the nation woke up from the electroshock of a political...
Leo Castaneda

Virtual Constructions

written by David Rohn In case you missed Leo Castaneda’s "Varied Renders" exhibition of paintings and virtual reality constructions at IRL Institute, the...

Re á Semble

text by David Rohn Kathleen Hudspeth's mono-prints, "It Was to Be a Glittering City" at Under the Bridge has a focused iconography, mostly representing the...