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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Roxana Barba | Rocking Chair Sessions

Roxana Barba is a choreographer and performer whose practice incorporates interdisciplinary uses of dance, film and video. She pursued undergraduate visual arts studies at La...

Franklin Sirmans on the Art of Fútbol

Art and Sports?! Curator Franklin Sirmans brings them together in The World’s Game exhibition at the Perez Art Museum, Miami. Immersive installations, paintings, sculptural...

Jean-Paul Mallozzi | Rocking Chair Sessions

Jean-Paul Mallozzi was born and raised in Queens NYC, and received a scholarship to attend the Rhode Island School Of Design (RISD). He graduated...







a conversation with Onajide Shabaka

a conversation with Onajide Shabaka

Onajide Shabaka’s art form is a short journey made by walking in the landscape. The evolution of this may be developed as follows: the...

a social construct

written by David Rohn Saw the movie MOONLIGHT last night, an unforgettable Miami based story of a very sensitive (Gay) Black kid growing...
Judy Cotton at IRL

Natural Curiosity: An Intimate History

written by David Rohn Check out these scull pantings by Judy Cotton at I R L Institute in Little River. Really straightforward and...

The Problem with Musing on a Museum

text by Babacar Mbow “Musing on a Museum” by Anne Tschida, published in the Biscayne Times’ June edition offers insight as to a state of...
Rosa Naday Garmendia

a conversation with Rosa Naday Garmendia

Eddie Arroyo We should begin with the obvious question, you’re a Cuban American artist addressing an African American concern. Why did you decide to begin...

Re á Semble

text by David Rohn Kathleen Hudspeth's mono-prints, "It Was to Be a Glittering City" at Under the Bridge has a focused iconography, mostly representing the...