This year Wynwood has been active over the summer, much to my surprise and pleasure, where in the past everyone pretty much takes a break. Now the summer is over and Brooke Dorsch has officially declared the beginning of the art season with his current exhibition. The Dorsch Gallery is presenting Miami with new work from Audrey Hasen Russell, Sheryl Pope, and Raymond Saá. This is a group show but there is enough space in the gallery to exhibit these three artists in their own solo sections of the gallery.

When I walked into Dorsch Gallery my eyes were assaulted by Orange Mountain, Gold Hill, a piece that was laid out onto the floor from the wall up to the door entrance. The colors are described by the title itself and it glowed quite nicely with its incandescent colors. Russell has named his show Gold Slaw and this theme is present in his space. From his Garden Prop Gold of wood among other materials spread across the project room to some lonely cinderblocks that are embellished with nick knacks sitting in the corner.

In the east of the gallery I found a new appreciation of plates in the work of Sheryl Pope. Her Matter of Fact solo show features an engaging video Stacks, where plates are piled over one another by a woman who has no head because it has been cropped out of the screen. In Thresh a pair of wax feet are facing a long carpet of china plates it has a nice quiet sensibility to it. However it keeps getting interrupted by the scratching sound of “Tick”. It is a piece that continues to grain itself into the wall in a very aggravating way. It is a rare thing that I enjoy being annoyed by artwork.

Raymond Saá’s a Mile of String show is a collection of abstract expressionist paintings that rest in the west side of the gallery. I walked into the space was surrounded by black and white lines and gestures on canvas, wood, and paper. Oddly enough it was a nice quite space and had a strange Zen like air to it which is a strange thing to say given that the paintings are very active and agitated.

Dorsch Gallery has presented an exciting collection of artist over the years and continues this tradition with this current show. I am excited to see what the rest of Wynwood will present in the coming months.