For its six anniversary David Castillo Gallery presents the work of Jonathan Ehrenberg, Shara Hughes, Meredith James, and the TM Sisters (Tasha & Monica Lopez de Victoria) in an exhibition titled “crushed candy”.

Moving around the space I see these paintings of what seem to be primitive portraits. Now these are paintings are not from some ancient culture but seem more grounded on a contemporary pallet of bright colors and mundane tones. Their expressions are docile and seem in a state of euphoria. Ehrenberg’s human forms have character.

A drummer is playing hard.

On the adjacent wall the hyper landscapes of Shara Hughes invite the eye to witness a wonderfully dystopian world where everything seems be in flux. The paint application is both chaotic and meticulous. Items are moving from one side of the composition to the other. It is interesting how Hughes explores the limits of space in her work and the abstract nature of her content.

the drummer continues playing hard.

Meredith James videos have a cinematic sensibility where the protagonists play out different scenarios in a seemingly disjointed story, and somehow still seems to be grounded in reality. The source of the noise sits on the corner with a drum kit while images are projected behind him. This is the installation video work of the TM Sisters and the energy is bouncing off the walls. Next to the projection is a series of mixed media works on paper all telling the tail of the event, colors and noise fill the room.