By design, Wynwood Art Fair is the first of the art fairs this season.   Its focus is to showcase the Miami Art community, which include Museums, Galleries, Institutions, and art organizations.   Cars race by at high velocity on Interstate 95 parallel to the street where the fair is located which is a welcome addition to its flavor.  Walking up and down the street I witnessed artist’s performances, installations, and mural/street/ graffiti art.

Since Art Basel arrival over ten years ago there was always a question as to what contemporary art represents Miami and the Wynwood Arts District has constantly sought works to answer these questions.  From the galleries that present exciting artists to the mural work along its street as a contribution from Primary Flight.  This is the first of its kind from our city to our city.  I was excited to see exhibits by galleries/organizations such as Spinello Projects, Dorsch Gallery, Pink Bastard Forum, and Bernice Steinbaum Gallery.  In addition to that all the proceeds of this event will benefit the Locus House.

It is a good start to the art fair season.

David Zalben

Lori Nozick

Karen Starosta Gilinski


Jean Paul Mallozzi