Over the years I have seen Rienier Gamboa’s work on display in different locations in and around Miami.  In partnership with Kondoit, Gamboa has compiled an exciting collection of paintings for his solo show.  His work has an exciting air of the surreal with concepts of the spiritual, mythological, and it is still grounded with mundane and casual scenes.   I walked into the space to see this for myself with Children Play, a painting where a girl stairs into the audience as symbolic images float and move from one side of the canvas to the other.  He manipulates space and time using collage as a technique however the narrative brings the work together in a wonderfully cohesive way.

The show can be found in the Wynwwod District at 167 NW 25th street.  In a season filled with major galleries showing phenomenal work it is nice to be pleasantly surprised by the smaller unknown spaces.