A stag with two skeletons holding machine guns as antlers, a golden coffin filled with colorful pills, two men with gas masks sitting in chairs facing each other while one is handcuffed; of course it can only be SCOPE Miami. This years show dazzled the eye as trite as it sounds it was so. It must be said prior to anything else that Spinello Projects was sprawled all over the fair with overwhelming delight. With artists such as Farley Aguilar, Agustina Woodgate, and TYPOE, Spinello has presented Miami with a new identity in recent years. This year Scope has allowed him to make his presence known throughout the show and it is a welcoming sight.

Another favorite was the Corey Helford Gallery which has made its rounds on many of the west coast magazines such as Juxtapoz, Hi Frucotose, and Beautiful Decay. With artists work such as Chloe Early, Ron English, and Ray Casar peppered along there space it was a feast for the senses and its always good to see this gallery every year. The gallery curator expressed his excitement over Early’s sold out show last year and looks forward to featuring her 2012 american solo exhibition. It will be good to see what the London based artist has in store for everyone next year.

Over at the Hamiltonian Gallery I found two playful pieces of Jenny Mullins. These watercolor and gouache on paper are comprised of a bear and a cow. She creates,” playfully irreverent hybrid works that integrate western and eastern culture” and it is clear in the way she presents her subject. These are iconic animals as far as geography is concerned; not that they are not celebrated in Miami but we tend to focus on pink flamingos and roosters. This is what one hopes for when attending and international fair. A bit of flavor.

The phrase “Low Brow” has been thrown around for the last couple of years describing work like Rocky Grimes. Although he is more of a conceptual artist. He has been noted in ID magazine for his wall in SCOPE NY and a recent press request for his wall in Miami. His live installations have been seen around the country including the Museum of Contemporary Art (N. Miami) and in the streets of Wynwood during Art Basel, 2008, when he pushed a cart through the neighborhood printing at various locations for expecting and unsuspecting crowds. His work has been shown in many publications including Juxtapoz and Swindle Magazine. His work was hung all over the wall ready to be picked off and many were. Paintings were selling at an affortable price from $25-$45-$75 based on scale/size at the C. Emerson Fine Art Gallery.

Over all Scope went as I had expected and I look forward to next year.