The images are slightly out of focus and askew. A man brushing his teeth, a woman’s expressive face and another woman’s glance. These are the photographs of Dogan Arslanoglu in his first solo show entitled Investigations at the 6th street container. His work has been a series moments and places in time were people seem comfortable and familiar. Originally from Tripoli and currently in Miami Arslanglu has adopted this city where and captured images with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Arslanglu has stated this particular series aims to re-contextualize the all too familiar images coming from television. He was interested in this because the televised image has a profound effect on our way of life and the decisions we make. Even though there is an elimination from the visceral experience of real life, the majority has given the televised image an innate truth. The photographs in the image and the verisimilitude of the camera become perfect tools for deconstructing this misconception.

Outside there is an abstract image composed of thin black lines on a white back drop. It is projected on the concrete wall of the building. It is one of Arslanglu’s maps. An autodrawing that surveys the shifts in brightness within the environment.