Many years ago I remember walking across the street in Wynwood to find a hopscotch painted on the sidewalk from one gallery to another. The numbers would continue to two hunderend and something if I recall correctly. I was thinking what a wonderful way to move from one art space to another, jumping and hoping along. Its been a long time before I had played a game like hopscotch. This was my first experience with Agustina Woodgate’s work.

I found Agustina Woodgate in conversation with renowned collector Dennis Scholl at Locust Projects. In 2004 Woodgate arrived in Miami and since then she has shown in a number of different locations in and outside of the city, with the collaborative effort of Spinello Projects. She has found the city most welcoming which is clear with installations of her current work that can be seen in the form of the billboard project. She described it as a challenging and rewarding endeavor. It was an experience where Scholl referred to Christo as far as approaches go.

The discussion naturally focused on the process, her need to be subversive with the work or as she would phrase it, “tricky, I like being tricky with my work”. In the case of If these walls could talk piece which was a bulletin board in the middle of a room at an abandoned school. She had sanded the walls down and taken the dust placing it on the bottom base of the board to simulate chalk. Its this kind of “trick” that Woodgate finds so intriguing.

Her next stop will be to Germany and I look forward see how her work will grow from there.

A video of the conversation was provided by Spinello Projects and can be seen here: