While living in Miami I have been exploring communal, shared experiences and participatory performatives. I am drawn to and investigate the accidental, ephemeral, and transcendental. Many of my works are contextually and project-based. I have been carrying out artworks which allow for the possibility of sharing something I love and/or something intimate and special with whoever takes the initiative to participate, oftentimes complete strangers. Frequently my work takes the shape of sweeping, nearly utopian gestures, giving of myself, resources, and time to others. I position myself in and out of an arts context, be it in an institutional setting, white cube-type space, or, what I’ve been leaning more and more towards, an everyday context, out in the world guerrilla-style.

A running theme in my work is the subversion of objects, situations, and actions that are often perceived to be personal, insular, and disassociating and typically separate an individual from the many. These include anything from the use of personal electronics and television to a beach towel or car. I observe carefully how humans stake their independence in a communal setting and force people to question a given alienating behavior’s necessity, turning such actions on their heads as participatory opportunities encouraging interaction. The novelty, ephemerality, and communal nature of my work refocuses peoples’ attention on the present through ideas of collectivism and universality.