Misael Soto and A.G.’s collaborative exhibition, Rehearse / Perform, consists of complimenting environments exploring notions of social interaction, participation, and self-reflection within the context of contemporary art viewing, existing only for the duration of the opening reception, 7-10 pm, February 17, 2012.

Using the physical limitations of the 6th Street Container‘s interior and exterior spaces, Soto and A.G. create contrasting psychological domains that offer a wide range of participatory potential. The two spaces respectively entice extroverted and introverted experiences.

In the exterior space, A.G. attempts to infuse transcendental meaning into a repetitive physical action, within an environment that implies practice and elicits self-reflection. Typically the site for drinking, smoking, and social interactions outside of the gallery, the exterior space remains a location lacking verbal dialogue and the availability of vices.

Inside the space, Soto serves as a catalyst for interaction, dancing the entire night and inviting all who enter to do the same and to engage with other participants. The dance party is an exaggerated allusion to personal experiences of past opening receptions.

6th Street Container