written by Eddie Arroyo

Voluptuous shapes embroiled with golden chains, orphus, and teeth where they are a contour of some ideal sensuality bought askew. This was the impression when I walked into Shoshanna Weinberger’s exhibition Sometimes All of Me is Not Enough at Carol Jazzar. Then I was reminded of the black cut-paper silhouettes of Kara Walker. However where Walker focuses on race and its role in history Weinberger source comes from the objectification of women as a commodity and capital. This has been the femine role in most all cultures both brought to consciousness by men and women which has always been an odd compliancy. Shoshanna’s work seems to celebrate it in its awkward festivity. There is bling, bling here with pieces such as Goldie Has Teeth and Bellwether where a disco ball rests as pearl in an oyster as a mythological Venus figure; on the outside there is graffiti illustrating the love hate drama of relationships.

Weinberger states, ““I find the idea of what popular culture defines as feminine beauty to be skewed and distorted.”

This statement carries her body of work. I particularly enjoyed the piece and title of Goldie She-Fox Strangulation which is a massive organism embellished in gold chains, its breasts and asses seem jettison from every corner. It’s playful and arresting at the same time. What struck me as I witness each piece in the exhibition is not the malformed figures and the exuberant celebration of it all but more so its social compliancy. Some women exploit these images for a sense of feminet power as well as men subjugate and objectify such iconic ideals. Is this a matter of physiological genetics where our roles in sex are dictated to us based on years of evolution? Perhaps. Or is it simply the ongoing dialog between a male and female, man and woman, bro and hoe, asshole and bitch.

Pick your stereotype.


mixed media on paper
69″ x 59″ | 2012

mixed media on paper
69″ x 59″ | 2012

Sweet Lover ’73
ink | gouache | pencil on paper
24.5″ x 21.5″ | 2012

Third Eye
collage on paper
25″ x 19″ | 2012

Goldie has Teeth | Goldie She-fox Strangulation
gouache on paper
88.5″ x 60″ | 2012