written by Eddie Arroyo

A relatively large couch sits in the middle of the space, first thing one sees when entering Domingo Castillo’s exhibition at the 6th street container. Oddly welcoming as has always been the domestic nature of a couch, it invites people to sit down and relax. Castillo seemed to have this in mind when he designed the layout of the exhibit. It is leisurely and welcomes the viewer to absorb the environment and everything it has to offer.

The couch installation has a flat screen television set facing it. On the screen there are a series of audio and visual meditative images by Texas Hi Def. It was a curious thing to witness a number of people simply interact with the piece with relative ease. The two other pieces in the show were three brackets laid on the floor and a series of printouts extolling the benefits of using Computer Aided Design (CAD). The exhibition as a whole seemed to be a celebration of design in its overall practical use.

I found the exhibition wonderfully underwhelming – a rare thing in Miami.