written by Eddie Arroyo

Salon de Notre Société loosely translates to Salon Of Our Company a collection of 400 affordable works of art by 40 artists all encapsulated in Primary Projects. The exhibition is overwhelming, difficult to focus on anything. Initially it feels like visual junk food with art from every conceivable medium jostling for attention or recognition. Whether this is a good thing is a matter of taste but it’s the very picture of ambition.

Curators Books IIII Bischof, Chris Oh, and Typoe pay homage to ‘outsiders,’ they honor the raw talent of contemporary art by showcasing pieces one atop the other in a style reminiscent of 17th and 18th century exhibitions in France. The show is steeped in the historical reference of “Salon des Refusés” of Paris which was a reaction to the established institution of the 1600s and 1700s. Elitist institutions rejected artists who later became some of the most influential of that period, including Édouard Manet. This is the overall promise of the exhibition that these works will be given value and weight with the aid of time.

One needs adequate time to absorb every piece of work given the number of variables presented within its dimensions, however, it does deliver in excessive retinal delights. No one can declare that this is a boring show – far from it. It will be exciting to see what history will present for all of these artists in this Salon.

Participating artists include – Bask, Nick Arehart, Autumn Casey, Fernando Garcia, Lawrence Gipe, Lu Gold, Felice Grodon, Douglas Hoekzema, Boris Hoppek, Miru Kim, Nick Klein, Charles Krafft, Anthony Lister, Catalina Jaramillo, Michael Loveland, Jel Martinez, Stormie Mills, Emmett Moore, Edouard Nardon, Larry Newberry, Joe Cinnante, Sarah Newberry, Andrew Nigon, Jessy Nite, Jeffrey Noble, Lori Nozick, Brandon Opalka, Gustavo Oviedo, Kenton Parker, Christina Pettersson, Luis Pinto, Manny Prieres, Metro Zu, Nicholas Arehart, Melanie Ratcliff, Rebeca Raney, Evan Robarts, Johnny Robles, Jonathan Rockford, Samantha Salzinger, Shelter Serra, Scott Shannon, Magnus Sodamin, Karen Starosta-Gilinski, Cole Sternberg, Tatiana Suarez, Jill Weisberg, Antonia Wright and Noa Yafe.