Miami as a city has out-paced its artists in giving morphological expression to the forces that increasingly organize the social field. At the moment, it seems more interesting to present the auxiliary elements (promotional materials) that aid in the effort to produce urban form than actual art objects. Hence the visual element for this exhibition will be a promotional video for the “Miami World Center” development. The artist’s productive role in the situation we are undergoing becomes, I think, one of inserting deviant (corrective?) and intereferential elements into what has conngealed as the normalized modes of presentation and delivery. To this end, and keeping in mind The Nightclub concept and its auditory connotations, I’ll invite a group of artists to re-soundtrack the promotional video that is being presented, taking as their starting point the idea of a post-booty bass–a stand-in for “dirty” and contaminated data, parasitically clinging to visual manifestations of transnational capital.

Gean Moreno | curator

Featuring Jay Hines, Nicolas Lobo, Daniel Newman, Viking Funeral

The Nightclub invites you to Reboot(y) Bass Night, the fifth of twelve events involving a network of artists, producers, and art students. Its aim is to create dialogue within a diversity of art practice through curated exhibitions showcased in a one―night venue.