Saturday | September 8, 2012
7:00pm until 11:00pm

In 1482, The Duke of Milan Ludovico il Moro commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to create a horse, a symbol of pride, beauty and victory. When French forces invaded the city the following year, the only surviving model by the master, himself, was lost. It took another five centuries for the project to be realized. In short, great works take time and dedication to bring to life.

It is in this indestructable spirit that Primary Projects, Miami’s boldest contemporary art space, introduces its inaugural 2012-2013 season with Champion. This group exhibition which will, for the first time, feature the gallery’s permanent stable of artists.

Ranging in subject matter from zombie-like body parts to cereal-box machine guns, from intricate drawings to multi-layered installation projects, Champion reveals a new breed of young artist: one who defies popular logic and creative convention to produce an aesthetic radiating pure grit and a defiance of conformed behaviors.

Primary Projects continues to keep its eyes towards the future of contemporary art in Miami

Primary Projects is a multidisciplinary space, positioned at the heart of Miami’s Design District, which aims to explore and promote multiple forms of aesthetic expression from established and emerging artists, alike. Utilizing extensive, and wholly specific, experience in producing street-level curatorial endeavors in Miami, the creative forces behind Primary Projects unites the commercial and critical efforts of artists, critics, curators, professionals and patrons; the result is the vital presence of an intelligent, alternative arts environment with a bold urban sensibility delivered through a diverse range of media.