At the 6th street container, our mission is to exhibit the work of established local, national and international artists. artists who have been forgotten by the main stream, who always follow the new wave of the up and coming.

It is also in our plans, to show the art work of young artists who have not yet reached the main stream, although their work may be strong and meaningful.

at our other space 6g, back in 2,000 to 2,003, we exhibited the works of artists who today exhibit with some of the most prestigious galleries around the globe and with our kin eye for good work, we plan to do it once again.

we will be doing this through the curatorial process, either by us or our colleagues and by also having “call to artists” from the three county area.

the work we will be exhibiting will be contemporary and in many mediums, including video art, experimental film, sound art, installations, paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography (both digital and conventional)