To go beyond our means and bodies, 3PQ seeks to transport itself from a static landscape into a fluid, real time continuum, a sort of momentary bliss of genuine discovery and refusal, lines erase, transverse or scale infinitely as pixels on a screen. Overlapping layers of perception, fears and stolen moments recombine in a united effort, blurring the line between the individual participants towards6th a collective organism. What remains is the physical memory of the collaborative exchange. In essence 3PQ is a social experiment. One that could be never be planned or contrived. It is steered by establishing dates and inviting others to participate. What happens at these gatherings is a product momentary interaction where words mean something only if they are drawn or expressed in a visual vernacular.

Sinisa Kukec, Stephan Tugrul and Freddy Jouwayed

Exhibition will run from
November 16, 2012 to December 14, 2012