written by Mandy Martin

I think of Jenna Balfe’s class as an art form. In order to create art, all you need is to consider four elements, idea, materials, process and intent.

The idea of her tutoring revolves around relaxing and human connection, the materials to use are our own bodies and the space around us (including the floor), the process is sensorial, physical, performative, improvisational, with a strong emphasis on partnering. The purpose of class is to re-educate one’s body about feeling, intuition, experience, and growing organically. It becomes a powerful tool to rekindle and learn new ways of human connection.

There are arguments as to what is art, some say life imitates art, others argue that it is art who imitates life. My theory is that both feed off each other, life comes first but art is a conduit, a way in which life can learn to grow and eventually evolve. Much gets lost in contemporary society through materialism, consumerism, and industrialization in an urban infrastructure. This frenetic pace can leave one feeling at a loss for any meaningful human contact. A loss and need which Balfe has addressed in her practice.

Photos by Mandy Martin