Martyr of Miami / Mártir de Miami is a live site-specific event conceived by Galen Alexis Treuer and Carlota Pradera, performed in collaboration with Jenna Balfe, Nicole Martínez and Mad King Thomas, and steeped in unique dangers of the South Florida landscape: palm fronds and displaced people. The performance will engage the natural environment of the Carol Jazzar home/gallery by physically landscaping the space through performed actions in relation to live sound compositions.

Galen Alexis Treuer has studied and performed in a range of techniques including clown, release technique, contact improvisation, ballet, viewpoints and Action Theater. Originally from Minnesota, where he co-founded the physical theater company Live Action Set and worked as a dancer, choreographer and theater artist from 2001 to 2010. Galen recently began to work on a Ph.D. at the University of Miami studying perceptions of climate change and policy solutions. He is excited to be a part of Miami’s vibrant arts community.

Jenna Balfe is a dancer, yoga teacher, movement therapist, choreographer and performance artist. She graduated from University of Massachusetts with a B.A of her own design titled: “Environmental Studies and Movement as a form of Healing”. She currently is program director at the non-profit Nature Links for Lifelong Learning which works with developmentally delayed young adults. She also teaches at Miami Dance studio, a class called Body Movement and Yoga. She recently created a dance company called “COMPANY” which currently is working on creating their first production.

Nicole Martínez is a sound and visual artist working with computer programming, video projection mapping, installation, and live experimental music performance. Her work is concerned with how technology and science intersect our lives and create our reality. Technological innovation has been the driving force in our human evolution. Our interface with the world is created as we discover new processes through which we manipulate the environment and create a new experience of life. From bread baking to telecommunication, to the mapping of the human genome, our experience of the world has always been transformed and created through technology. Nicole’s installation art uses these implements of technology to create environments which force us to look more closely at the influence these systems have in our lives. In her music, Nicole abandons higher forms of digital technology, instead concentrating on the more fundamental representations of technology found in obsolete devices such electronic children’s toys and old analog telephone technology, as well as obsolete computer programming languages. With these she creates an improvised sonic soundscape that explores the physical properties of sound and electronics.

Carlota Pradera Sabadell (Barcelona), Spain, 1979.
Holds a BA in performance and choreography from Florida International University, 2009. Carlota has been involved in the professional contemporary dance scene of South Florida since 2001 to the present through performance collaborations and original works at Florida Dances, The Emerging Choreographers Series, Here & Now, Moving Currents, and more. In 2011, she presents and produces “Pradera & Collaborators” with original works ‘Looking Back’ and ‘Think Like a Guy’, and in 2012, “Aquarius Juice” is commissioned for the Here & Now: 2012 by Miami Light Project. She has received support by CCE Miami and Anchor Arts Management (Professional Dancers Fund) and has been awarded the professional development grants Artist Access Grants (Movement Research | Winter Melt, 2004 and Trisha Brown Summer Intensive, 2007), and an Artist Enhancement Grant (Trisha Brown Summer Intensive, 2007). Carlota is strongly inclined and interested on interdisciplinary approaches to create works that hold originality and risks in relation to contemporary times.