Much of Miami artists Karen Rifas’ and Kerry Phillips’ work investigates space and the public interaction with it, via sculpture and installations. Both are concerned with materials and form, utilizing both found objects as well as specific materials to be used in a multitude of ways in a variety of environments. They also allow for and intentionally employ chance to arrive at their end results, thereby creating order out of disorder. While in many ways the two artists have overlapping interests, their approach and the result couldn’t be more divergent.

Karen Rifas is perhaps best known for her site-specific installations that interact physically in their surroundings, from literally creating new spaces by cutting through them, to inhabiting them more subtly and delicately. Rifas’ careful consideration and meticulous strategizing for how her installations work in a given space is a characteristic of all of her work, however, her approach allows for chance and the incidental and the negotiations made in the process. Rifas uses this method in her ink drawings as well, while exploring her interest in line and geometric form. Rifas says of her drawings, “(My) geometric drawings do not replicate my 3-D work, but rather serve to further explore ideas of space, placement, rhythm, movement, accumulation, convergences, concentration, density, overlap, intersection, compression, and contrast of forms and patterns of lines.” This will be Rifas’ first show focusing entirely on her drawings, which will allow the many of those that know her work, to see this entirely separate yet related body of work for the first time.

Kerry Phillips has long used found objects that were collected and utilized multiple times in multiple incarnations. These objects were chosen and used as a response to the environment and the potential for meaning that resulted from their combinations. To give a backdrop to her interests and working method, Phillips says, “Both of my parents grew up on family farms in Texas. One grandmother collected things (kept things) and the other was a grand storyteller. Both influenced me greatly. I create sculptures and installations using whatever materials are available in a given place at a given time – this ranges from things people throw away to collected experiences and retold stories. I often engage the public to help in the gathering of materials or use their interaction in the completion of the work.” Phillips will use the Bridge Red Studios/Project Space as a starting point to create her works on site. These will only be revealed upon completion and then, for the first time.

The opening reception is from 6-9 pm on Sunday, April 28th and is free and open to the public. The exhibition concludes with a closing brunch from noon to 3 pm on Sunday, June 16th. The exhibition can be viewed by appointment, between these events, by calling 305-978-4856.

Bridge Red Studios/Project Space is located at: 12425 NE 13th Ave. #5, North Miami, FL 33161

Venue: Bridge Red Studios/Project Space
On view: Sunday, April 28th – Sunday, June 16th.
Event name: “INKarnation; Karen Rifas and Kerry Phillips”
Event time: 6-9 pm
Event email:
Event cost: $0.00 vent address: 12425 NE 13th Ave. #5, North Miami, FL 33161
Event phone: 305-978-4856