Friday June 14, 7-10 pm

Please join us for an evening of art books, cocktails, and music at Locust Projects. Admission is free.

For this One Night Stand, Bookleggers, the Miami-based mobile library presents The Art Book Review, the LA-based art book organization that encourages guests to take art books in exchange for writing reviews about them.


Bookleggers is a community mobile library whose mission is build a community around books by setting up all over the city of Miami and giving books out to the public. Each patron is entitled to one free book, every time they come. After that many more are available for trade or purchase.


The Art Book Review: a compendium of reviews about books vaguely relating to the subject of art (artist books and ephemera, catalogs, monographs, art history, and book-length works of art criticism or general literature about art, etc… etc…), a person (or persons) who casually harasses writers to get them to occasionally turn in written reviews of art books, a sparky looking webzine, a place where all the books are sent and can get picked up, a special service coupling covetous writers with willing publishers. Founded in 2012 by Andrew Berardini and Sarah Williams, the Art Book Review can be found online at Guests to TABR events may take home contemporary art books in exchange for writing their own reviews of the books they choose.


One Night Stands is a series of pop-up social events produced by Locust Projects in collaboration with creative producers at venues across the city. Locust Projects Members enjoy special benefits.

2013 marks the 15th anniversary of Locust Projects, a not-for-profit exhibition space founded by three Miami artists in order to provide contemporary visual artists the freedom to experiment with new ideas and methods without the limitations of conventional exhibition spaces. Artists are encouraged to create site-specific installations as an extension of their representative work, and Locust Projects offers them a vibrant Miami experience to develop their ideas. Locust Projects is committed to offering an approachable and inviting venue for the Miami and international art community to experience the work and meet the artists.