Born and Schooled in the suburbs New York City Exposure to Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, The Frick Collection, and later, Soho, and East Village gallery scenes. Student travel in Italy and France Studied Urbanism and Architecture in Paris and New York, later working in Architecture and Studio art, focusing primarily on painting in New York in the late ‘70’s ’80’s. Moved to Paris in 1989 and continued to paint, and sculpt in papier mache and Wood, exhibiting with Galerie Elizabeth Valleix and Galerie Maroe Pellat.

Moved to Miami in 1992, began writing about art in Miami for local papers such as The Wire, TWN (as Arts Editor in 1995,6), and Art Papers; later for Art presse, Paris. continuing Installation work, sculpture and painting, Began performance art work in 2001, and contributing to local art blogs MIAX, later Artlurker, and Whitehot (Miami) and then photography and video in relation to Live Art practices.

Edge Zones presents the second annual Miami Performance International Festival from June 1– 30, 2013. M/P ‘13 is an exciting four-week program of performance art accompanied by video screenings, talks and workshops that culminate in an intense 4-day event. The festival is a tremendous opportunity for the public to come face-to-face with the breadth and depth of performance art and offers visceral and challenging performance works by renowned, mid-career and emerging artists from 19 countries, as well as more than 40 national and local artists.