Saturday, October 19, 2013
8375 NE 2nd Ave
Miami FL 33138

Guccivuitton is pleased to present Rococo Chanel an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by Miami based artist Loriel Beltran.

Baroque rhetoric, eclectic frenzy, and compulsive imitation prevail where wealth has no history.”
-Umberto Eco Travels in Hyperreality, 1995

For this exhibition Loriel Beltran has expanded his interests within found and appropriated notions of luxury prevalent within Miami’s nouveau riche. The paintings, having been appropriated from luxury lifestyle magazines and abstracted by the artist, reveal their own deconstructed aesthetic cores. This deconstruction process contradicts itself every step of the way; the images used are designed by professionals who are trained in the history and psychology of images while at the same time they are printed in Giclèe, a material used for the mass production of store-bought painting. The images are thus transformed from advertisement for a given product to advertisement of themselves as “art” product.

The sculptures on the other hand are inspired by an investigation into the mimesis of traditional architecture elements. Most of these elements have their origins as signifiers of Judeo-Christian civic monumentality; marble masonry, beam & column, construction & ornamentality. Through a humours observation into a common South Floridian practice, the re-sequencing of cultural detritus & wealth symbols, the sculptures delve into a confrontation between formalism, taste and intention. In doing so the question arises if these elements are truly exclusive, thus retaining their lofty populous intentions, or merely a tacky imitation, ultimately leaving the outcome to be decided by the viewers preference between versatility or domain of class.

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Rococo Chanel will be Loriel Beltrans’s first solo exhibition at Guccivuitton

paintbrush, Guccivuitton
*from right to left*
1. Behind Guccivuitton (entrance, alley next to Guccivuitton)
2. Parking lot east of NE 2nd and 85th
3. Football Sandwich Shop parking lot


sat 12-6
and by appointment