Saturday November 2, 2013

Farside Gallery
1305 Galloway Rd
(aka) SW 87th Avenue
Miami FL 33174:
performance at 8:00pm

A Performance by Homo-Sapiens (art for evolution) A Performance Collaborative created by David Rohn and Danilo de la Torre in 2008, as a vehicle for inclusive performance projects with social and personal content.

Homeland Refuge presents a simulated refugee situation as an emblem of the tent cities housing millions of people who have fled natural and man-made disasters worldwide, the Homeland Security / FEMA camps that have recently been created in the USA, and the housing crisis that has occurred as the mortgage market collapse, foreclosure epidemic, speculative investor markets and sharp rent increases, accompanied by severe unemployment, which have made it difficult for people to find housing they can afford.

The opening night performance on November 2nd, at Fireside Gallery, will feature aspects of life in a tent as a way of bringing to life the ways of refugee living.

TV images of refugees may leave viewers with a sense of disconnect, but if middle class people from the US had to grab what they could carry away from their homes and walk or be bussed with it for several miles to a camp, with a water tank, porta-potties, and a tent to sleep in, they might not look or feel very different from the rag-tag families who are living this way.

Over the course of the month, Cast Members Eddie Arroyo, Robert Gilbert, Vanessa Schefke, Danilo de la Torre, and David Rohn will re perform the piece using photo and video documentation to generate. visual content for the closing of the show at the end of November.