written by Eddie Arroyo

There has been much said about the MOCA since a number of provincial circumstances began two years ago. Some cite the failure of the 15 million dollar expansion others note the resignation of museum director Bonnie Clearwater. However, what raised my eyebrows was a passionate interview by the major art collector Rosa de la Cruz in the Miami New Times. Like a prophet, she began to foretell the events which would be a focal point in the art community concerning the museum’s collection, “Every penny that I spend at that museum is my money. It’s not the museum’s money. But when [like MOCA] you are using other people’s money, taxpayers’ money, and you’re a 501c3 [non profit corporation], you cannot treat it as a private museum. It’s a public art museum!” Cruz was speculating whether the collection would be donated to the Bass Museum, a private institution.

In June of this year, Hanna Sampson reported that a handful of art collectors filled a motion which is currently in litigation stating that the, “intent behind their donations, which was always to donate to MOCA, the 501 (c)(3), and not to the city.” This presents an interesting question regarding the dynamics which existed between the museum board members and the City of North Miami in unintentional transparency. Is this an example of social classism?

Well of course it is.