“Having struck at the rut, or ornamental origin/orgone/origami, our swift-footed pens demanded an ultimate lapis-lazuli ganglion, dangling its bready morals over brusque knotted poles. Between the seventeen feminist dimentions of Venn epilepsy, a free-lost boor, diagrammatic non-living or creationist milieu. Leavening quiet billows of its same rust. Hips of Chimpanzees. Wanting after an explanatory ekphasis of rugged lies. Religious banality spread across with fierce spires. Cauldron aesthetic beyond the 7th navigate. Poor-man’s Lithuania Bitch-Language. MooredHope this Helps.

Lurid or blissed, almost if we were crawling in two dee syllogitics, cawing back-and-forth for/against the consistant ugly “Totally F**d” trope [back & forth, back & forth] lamb-eaten partyscapes of anihilated depths. Pass-it-on Generation #6. Not Possible.

Without a hoax drowning, a certain several past oak ridden nasties. Dashed by faces with poor hearted awfuls. Aped sicknesses. Continental fumigation within mastadon collosus entrails. Performance anxiety or filth hoar-frost past the cat-headed bellistic Cathedral mysts. Far too many limbs. Never enough stomachs. Sex-sex-sex-sex-sex.” Kalan Sherrard


December 2 – 7, 2014 marks the opening of Zones Art Fair. We present a selection of events and shows that challenge traditional structures in performance and contemporary art: This performance was part of The “Planet Hollywood” of Newer Genres, curated by Liz Ferrer and Michael Farley.