II SOON — Leah Dixon and Hugo Montoya are Conceptual Provisionalists, who believe in sideways protest, and who both have a knack for peeing in the pool. II SOON is a two-person show regarding an ongoing dialogue about sculpture, American media commodification, labor, justice, and Post-Relevancy.

second image from the top documented by Kevin Arrow

About Swenson Shots
Swenson Shots is designed to give emerging artists their first experience producing a gallery show from start to finish and provide a space for a more experienced artist to experiment and showcase a new line of work. The shows will have a fast turnaround, with artists having the space from Monday to Sunday with an opening on Wednesday. This is just enough time to set up, have an opening, lead a talk, document the show, and conduct private visits with curators, gallerists, and potential buyers. This complete, soup-to-nuts opportunity is key to launching promising careers beyond the studio and into the professional art world.

Bakehouse Art Complex
561 NW 32nd St, Miami, Florida 33127