As a performance artist and choreographer, I collaborate with visual artists, musicians and dancers to create experimental hybrid dance performances based on rituals and traditions of native cultures. The performances can be regarded to as Art Mysticism because they are often staged ceremonies that exhibit the evolution of our relationship to spirituality with references to the occult and death. I approach each project with the intention of creating sacred space.

I am also informed by the magic in the practices of witchcraft, the cycles of the moon and the Native American Medicine Wheel. My approach is visual and cinematic organizing my process through storyboards often influenced by the highly stylized symbolism in David Lynch films and German Expressionist films of the 1920s. The work is often moody and subliminal, as in dreams. I practice intuition and create personal rituals to induce the progression of the work.

South Florida is home to the only subtropical wilderness area in the country, and Artists in Residence in Everglades (AIRIE) is the only program bringing artists to the Everglades. AIRIE’s purpose is to inform, connect, and support artists, writers and musicians who wish to be ambassadors for the Everglades by providing month-long residencies in the Park.