Stephen Malagodi response to Nathaniel Sandler’s article on sea level rise

Fairly good piece, Nathaniel Sandler, but you never answer the question, Does Miami Care.

Answer: No.

But why?: Because South Floridians historically, and presently, don’t care about anything except daily comfort and fast money. If it were otherwise, Miami-Dade County would not look as it does. But that is not to say that the people of Miami-Dade are (necessarily) stupid or unaware. Rather, they are very much aware that Miami exists for others to profit by. It was built as a location explicitly for exploitation by developers. Built atop a porus foundation of limestone that ~no people in the entire history of the Western Hemisphere~ recognized as a proper place to build a city. It is fundamentally unfit for large-scale human habitation. Metro Miami was, from the beginning, an enterprise founded on hubris, designed for profit, and unconcerned about a future. From a long-term point of view, Miami was a mistake. From a short-term point of view, it’s about living a good life and then dying or moving out if you can. And people understand this, if only subconsciously.

It is interesting to note the comments of Jonathan Ullman of the Sierra Club at the NewTropic site. “Miamians may not be able to hold back the weight of the ocean, but have an opportunity to speak out to the US and the entire world to reduce carbon. ” This sentence says in effect; “there’s no future here, but let’s use the story as an lobbying opportunity.” Might as well exploit the mistake for what it’s worth.