Spinello Projects presents Z E N I T H S L U T S by Sinisa Kukec, a special preview for a solo booth presentation at VOLTA NY 2015.
This new work is a tangent of an ongoing body of work by Kukec called GRAVITYWELL, an investigation of the invisible forces in the universe (whether it be gravity or human ideology) that can influence an experience seemingly confined only to the sense of ones own being.

Kukec harbors a profound curiosity towards gravity, indeterminacy, the elusive nature of consciousness and how their mysterious behaviors affect our place in the universe. Kukec’s work is produced through an intensive studio practice, consistently experimenting with differing materials and methodologies; all the while, maintaining cross-disciplinary interests in applied sciences and philosophy. Kukec, in his own words, ‘cast(s) pataphysical doubt on the insane belief systems of the masses…a ‘bottoms up’ approach, an attempt to reinvent how humans think and feel.’

Sinisa Kukec received his Diploma of Fine Arts in 1996 from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada and his MFA from Alfred University, Alfred, New York in 2001. Recent solo exhibitions include MAKE BELIEVE IT IS NOTHING, Spinello Projects, Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA (2014), LOVE LIKE THE UNIVERSE, Spinello Projects, Miami, FL (2013), FROM VOID TO VOID, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC, AND YET ANOTHER WAYWARD LANDSCAPE, Arts and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL (2010). Recent group exhibitions include, Florida Contemporary, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL (2014), Gravitywell, Art Basel Miami Beach, Spinello Projects, Miami, FL (2013), New Work Miami, Museum of Art Miami (PAMM), Miami, FL (2013), Selected Loop, L’HOSTE Art Contemporain, 7 rue de l’Hoste, ARLES, France (2013) , Practices Remain, Regina Rex, Queens, New york, (2012). In 2001, Kukec was awarded a fellowship from the Evelyn Shapiro Foundation for a year-long residency to the Clay Studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2013, Kukec collaborated with scientist Dr. Andrew Baker for Curious Vault: 001 at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, Miami, FL. Kukec was born in 1970 in Zagreb, Croatia. He lives and works in Miami, FL.
Spinello Projects is a Miami-based contemporary art program founded in 2005 by Anthony Spinello. The gallery supports and promotes the work of artists with unorthodox and experimental practices. Its mission: to initiate fundamental changes in Miami’s visual landscape and to present new aesthetic challenges to a broader global viewership.