Girls’ Club presents Defining a Moment, an independent project created by Fall 2014 fellow Erica Mohan. Defining a Moment is a multi-part video blog series exploring the stories of select artists’ decisions to pursue an artistic profession and the moments that sparked their transformation. Artists were selected from the private collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, founders of Girls’ Club, with a focus on local artists.

Defining a Moment shares an intimate glimpse of artists’ personal struggles, discoveries, philosophies and fears involved with being a practicing artist in today’s society.

Defining a Moment: Tara Penick from Girls' Club on Vimeo.

About Girl’s Club Fellow
Erica Mohan was born in Toronto, Ontario, CA. She obtained a BFA
from Florida Atlantic University and is currently engaged in the Fellowship program at Girls’ Club Collection in Fort Lauderdale. She is an oil painter whose interests revolve around her experience with martial arts and its application in everyday life.