Saturday at 7:00pm – 10:00pm
750 NE 124 St, Miami, Florida 33161

Inaugural opening of Meta-Gallery #2 and reception for Liz Ferrer & Kathryn Marks: Dinner Prologue

Taking inspiration from the Futurist Cookbook and the group’s central concern with the destruction of the past, this piece is the foundation for a series of planned collaborative dinners. The assemblage of reclaimed objects is arranged to suggest a dining area that can, in fact, be reassembled or patterned after just about anywhere making for a spontaneous coming together. At the table, the potential of the surface, the structure, and the space it defines serve as the point of departure. The meaning of food, of feeding, taste, satiation and digestion will ‘set’ in accordance with the artist’s own relationship with each. Anything is possible. Thinking of food as a vessel of potential communication, the dinners will explore new ways it can be utilized to critique, provoke, and tantalize. Each dinner will be a sovereign experience offered up on, in, and around the table.

The exhibition runs March 19-22.

Meta-Gallery is an adaptable temporary gallery project staged within the context of other institutions. This iteration is staged in conjunction with Alternative Contemporaneity: Temporary Autonomous Zones at MoCA North Miami.