Jenny Brillhart
Sol LeWitt
Frances Trombly

A leading contemporary art gallery in Miami, Emerson Dorsch was founded by Brook Dorsch as Dorsch Gallery. A pioneering institution in the city, the gallery was the first to move to the city’s Wynwood District, where it is a central figure of its internationally acclaimed art scene.

In 2008, art historian and curator Tyler Emerson-Dorsch joined as partner, pushing its program to position the gallery at the forefront of the avant-garde discourse. To reflect this evolution in programming, and coinciding with a full renovation of its space, the gallery changed its name to Emerson Dorsch in 2013. The gallery fosters a diverse roster of emerging and established international artists who have exhibited at leading institutions throughout the world. It emphasizes artists who produce artworks that present an acute individual vision, while maintaining a proactive engagement in the greater artistic community through curatorial and academic pursuits.