Nadie atraviesa la región sin ensuciarse | Regina José Galindo


“Nadie atraviesa la región sin ensuciarse” which translates into “Nobody crosses the region without getting dirty” opens TONIGHT at the NEW temporary space, ArtCenter [Little River Edition] at 7252 NW Miami Court in Little River (a block south of Fountainhead Studios and across the railroad tracks from The New Tropic). Choose your shoes carefully. Rain boots encouraged! PLEASE NOTE, this is in Little River, NOT Miami Beach.

dialogicCENTRALsolutions is a platform comprised of a symposium on contemporary art practice in the region titled Central What? Central America!; an editorial series featuring essays from scholars and artists, and an exhibition and performance by Guatemalan artist Regina José Galindo. Whether through the lens of architecture, art, cultural industries, history or literature, dialogicCENTRALsolutions focuses on discussing new approaches on thinking about Central America. In the framework of these discussions, Galindo will produce a large-scale solo exhibition that will transform ArtCenter’s new temporary space in the Little River neighborhood of Miami into a muddy morass on top of which the specific conditions of the region will be discussed.

The symposium Central What? Central America! (CWCA) as part of dialogicCENTRALsolutions will be held October 3 starting at 3pm. During the symposium, six artists and scholars will present different topics addressing relevant issues and priorities influencing contemporary cultural production in Central America. Panelists include Galindo, Walterio Iraheta (artist, El Salvador), Darién Montañez (architect, Panamá), Gabriela Sáenz-Shelby (Director General, TEOR/ética, Costa Rica), Marivi Véliz (researcher, Miami), and George Yúdice (professor, University of Miami). In addition to their participation in the symposium, texts by these distinguished panelists as well as Claire Breukel (Director/Curator of Y.ES, El Salvador) and Rosina Cazali (curator, Guatemala) will be published in an editorial project conceptualized on the occasion of dialogicCENTRALsolutions.