“De que valdría un cielo azul si un dia le faltase el sol?”
“Of what value does the blue sky have if the sun doesn’t shine?”
-Hector Lavoe

JenieLift is very pleased to present ‘Second Nature,’ José Luis Falconi’s first solo show in Miami. Articulating photography, literature, painting, film and music, Falconi’s exhibition explores the cultural implications of the ubiquitous “nature” of the American lawn.

Beneath the geometric shape of lawn turf lies a complex set of issues that crisscross American culture from its very foundations to its most shallow expressions, chief and foremost among them: the slippery relation between cultural production and the natural environment. And it is precisely at this juncture that Falconi’s “Second Nature” emerges. By transforming the gallery space with grass, bright skies and Florida sunshine, the viewer is immersed within the suspicious enchantment of the suburban utopia that still today commands so many of our desires and social aspirations.


José Luis Falconi is Fellow at the Department of History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University, where he received his PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures in 2010.

He has contributed to several Latin American, European and U.S. journals as writer, editor, and photographer, and curated over twenty shows of emergent Latin American artists. His latest academic publications include A Principality of Its Own (2006) co-edited with Gabriela Rangel; The Other Latinos (2007), co-edited with José Antonio Mazzotti,; Portraits of an Invisible Country: The Photographs of Jorge Mario Munera (2010), A Singular Plurality: The Works of Dario Escobar (2013), and The Great Swindle: The Works of Santiago Montoya (2014). In December of this year, his latest book, entitled Ad Usum/To be Used: The Works of Pedro Reyes will be released in the United States.

His photographic and installation work has been exhibited in the USA, Peru, Colombia and Chile. In November 2015, his work will be shown at the Xth Mercosul Biennale in Porto Alegre, Brazil. This is his first solo show in Miami, FL. 8395 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, Florida 33138