Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to present ‘The Way We See It,’ a new exhibition of photography by Scot Sothern and Muir Vidler. Both artists exemplify the photographer as observer and reporter by choosing subjects that are unique and fully authentic, living lives that exist in some instances outside of the cultural mainstream, finding comfort in neighborhoods and communities where individuality can be embraced.

In the words of writer Julie Chae: “Juana Valdes invites the viewer to ponder the history of global trade through the display of china and other domestic wares collected for her show. A multi-media installation artist trained in Western post-Modern philosophy and with backgrounds in sculpture and printmaking, Valdes presents a Duchampian project in which the artist’s selected objects become the art. Each of the domestic wares presented embodies the cultural values of its time and place, reflecting aesthetic and economic decisions made by the manufacturer and by various consumers throughout its existence. Having exhibited art installations with maps, ships, sails and various other media in the past, Valdes continues with her latest project to explore transculturation, pigmentocracy, history, and memory.”

MIAMI, FL 33138