When venturing into nature the ethos and creed of every wilderness lover and conservationist is “Leave No Trace”. That means we should enter nature humbly, carry out our trash and leave it the way we found it.

That’s how many of us aspire to live in our everyday lives, but that’s not what modern man has created through civilization. The very nature of civilizing the planet is to re-organize, re-design and leave our trace. Ironically, in the process we are eradicating entire bloodlines of animal species from the face of this earth. We are in essence leaving “no trace” of animals and habitats that were here for millennia before we arrived.

RedFlag.org presents “LEAVE NO TRACE”, an art exhibition addressing the issue of extinction and featuring special commission works from Bhakti Baxter, David Brooks, Brian Butler, Ernesto Caivano, N. Dash, Benjamin Degen, Mark Dion, Jim Drain, Christina Pettersson, Rebeca Rainey, and Dana Sherwood. Through 3 interactive bodies of work we will explore the story of our relationship to the great web of life.

For this exhibition Red Flag has partnered with The Nature Conservancy to raise awareness and funding that will go directly to their land conservation project in Central Florida. The aim of the project is to expand habitat and access to habitat for the Florida Panther. Throughout the exhibition calendar we will offer several free events. Stay connected at www.redflag.org